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FREE Data Protection Webinar with Randy Johnston

Randy Johnston50% Of businesses who lose data file for bankruptcy within 10 days!

How much revenue would your business lose if you lost access to your network data? Many small businesses without data protection services that experience catastrophic data loss never recover, even when the data loss is only for a day. From accounting records to company files, your business relies on having continual access to its data. According to research by K2 Enterprises, 50% of companies without a data recovery and system recovery plan, who experience a data loss of 10 days or more, file for bankruptcy immediately and 93% file for bankruptcy within one year. With a sudden halt to operations and subsequent loss of revenue, your operating expenses still continue. A comprehensive system recovery plan is a vital asset that ensures your business is not stopped in its tracks in the event of a disaster.

Network Management Group Inc. (NMGI) develops and hosts a wide variety of data protection services. In the event of a catastrophic server failure or natural disaster, our remote servers provide a backup of your server and can reproduce your data in as little as 10 minutes for files, 30 minutes for individual servers, and 24-48 hours for entire systems. Compare this to conventional backups, which may take several days for a full system recovery. This rapid recovery helps you resume business operations as quickly as possible and minimizes lost revenue
Remote backup is one of the easiest ways to protect your company’s data.

Don’t take chances with your company’s data. A fully integrated disaster recovery solution will give your company piece of mind. Network Management Group Inc. (NMGI) will host a FREE webinar that you are cordially invited to attend. In this FREE, informative data protection webinar, Randy Johnston, a leading industry expert will discuss topics essential for maintaining the success of your company and avoiding a potential disaster. Some of the many notable topics to be discussed include data protection, backup of server, system recovery, back up and recovery as well as many others.

Don’t leave your company’s future to chance!
Register for your free, no obligation data protection webinar today!

You can also call (620) 664-6000 for immediate help!

FREE Data Protection Webinar with Randy Johnston


Is your business prepared for an emergency?

Disasters happen. Is your business ready?

Preparing for an emergency is a key factor to business continuity after a disaster. Wherever the threat comes from – whether it’s physical, virtual, network failure or cybercrime-related – it’s important your business is equipped to deal with the problem.

In fact, the U.S. Department of Labor estimates over 40 per cent of businesses never reopen following a disaster. And when we consider these potential consequences, it’s important you have a disaster preparedness plan ready. In creating such a plan Cindy Bates, Microsoft US SMB Vice President, recommends you consider the following: [Read more…]


How to delete an Excel table without losing data or formatting

Let’s say you’ve created a table in Microsoft Excel. You don’t want the table, but you want to keep the data or formatting. The solution is simple: convert the table back to a data range.

Note: For this to work, you need to have an already completed table. You can also watch the video version.

  1. Click anywhere on the table. This displays the Design tab under Table Tools. A cell in the table must be selected for the Design tab to be visible.
  2. On the Design tab, in the Tools group, click Convert to Range.
  3. Click Yes. Now you have a data range without table options.

Disruptive Technology

Disruptive Technology

Can you make it to the end of this article without getting distracted?

I admit, in writing an article advocating less technology, I feel as sheepish as Anheuser-Busch must feel in posting the “Enjoy Responsibly” tag at the end of one of their million dollar Super Bowl commercials. But this problem of office distractions has been gnawing at me since Outlook began popping up email notifications some 10+ years ago. Ding! Hey, there’s another one… [Read more…]


Basics for safer downloading

used with permission from Microsoft at Work

Whenever you download a file—whether you open a spreadsheet attached to an email message, grab a cool little screensaver or mouse cursor from the web, or download music or video files from someone else’s computer—you could be putting your computer at risk.

You can take some basic steps to protect your PC and your company’s network:

  • Set up your computer with security protection. When you upgrade to Windows 7 from Windows XP, you automatically get a lot of security protection built right into the system.
  • Increase your awareness of attack methods so that you can be on the lookout for them.
  • Use tools to remove unwanted software that has been downloaded to your computer (despite your best efforts to prevent it).

Here’s how: [Read more…]