An Enlightened Approach to Practice Growth

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Article by Rick Solomon



Tapping into the human side of the equation for practice growth and success is undoubtedly the next frontier for our profession. It’s absolutely necessary to evolve our practices into the future. We’re not talking about a better marketing plan or a new strategy, but rather a true game changer. We have tremendous potential for success, and yet we ourselves are the biggest obstacles to that success. Removing these hidden barriers, as a growing number of accountants are beginning to demonstrate, opens up worlds of possibilities for success, abundance and enjoyment well beyond what many might even consider possible.


When it comes to growing a practice, I’ve long held the view that most firms are unaware of, or fail to address, the single most important growth factor.  This missing factor is why so many firms struggle with growth, while the few firms that have figured it out enjoy healthy growth with little effort. Just imagine if a single factor was removed from an algebraic equation. No matter how much time you spend trying to solve it, or how hard you work at it, or how much outside help you have, you won’t solve it. That’s because if a factor is missing, it’s unsolvable.  So it is with practice growth.

There’s no shortage of resources, trainings, marketing consultants, and the like to help firms grow, some of which is quite good. We’re always looking for the next great thing to achieve growth. And yet, in the search for the best solutions, most tend to overlook the single most important growth factor, the one closest to us. It’s the “Human Factor”.

Virtually every person in a firm has an untapped potential for playing a meaningful role in the firm’s growth. While external solutions certainly play a role, by far the greatest results are achieved by tending to the human factor. In my experience as a practice growth advisor, it became clear to me that how an individual views practice growth, their beliefs about themselves and what it takes to succeed at it, has a far greater impact on their results than anything else. Helping them let go of these self limiting beliefs frees them to achieve more, with less effort.

Inspired by these findings, I set out to find a way to apply this understanding to firms on a larger scale. Starting with a small group of accountants, I organized an experiment to explore what was possible with a concentrated group focus on this human factor. The experiment, which later evolved into an ongoing program, demonstrated beyond a doubt that when we get out of our own way we can create extraordinary results for our clients and our firm, and do so with less effort.

The results of this experiment, and the principles upon which it was formed have just been published in an e-book that is available online for immediate access, at no cost.

This e-book describes foundational truths and principles that you can apply in your own firm. It also includes five case studies about how different accountants in very different situations experienced remarkable results by ridding themselves of their self-limiting beliefs, and a video interview and other resources. Implementing even a small portion of what you’ll read or hear could have a huge impact on your practice.

As a growing number of accountants are beginning to learn, never believe in anything that limits you.

Enjoy the journey!