What is Network-Attached Storage?

You may find yourself hitting snags when it comes to maintaining and storing increasing amounts of data for your business. One solution to these problems is a network-attached storage device.

Network-attached storage (NAS – usually pronounced “naz”) is used to increase storage capacity on a network. A NAS device’s sole purpose is to store and provide access to files. It is a self-contained unit that typically consists of multiple storage drives in a RAID (redundant array of independent disks) configuration. Configuring a NAS device is simple and makes your data easy to manage.

Advantages of Network-Attached Storage

Efficiency. A network-attached storage device is a self-contained unit that runs an independent, specialized operating system and has its own IP address. Because of this, a NAS device does not rely on your server’s processing resources. This enhances the overall performance of your network.

Data Protection. A NAS device protects your data via a redundant array of independent disks (RAID), which replicates data across multiple drives. This configuration considerably minimizes the risk of data loss.

Data Sharing. Multiple users can access data on a NAS device, regardless of which devices and operating systems they use. This is especially useful if your business has multiple locations and requires centralized data storage. Users can access data with Windows Explorer in the same way as it would access any other drive. Users can also access data with a web browser.

Cost. You can host multiple terabytes of data on your network using NAS technology for far less than the cost of hosting data on a traditional fileserver. Additionally, the prices of quality NAS devices have fallen considerably in the past few years – making them an even more viable option for your data storage needs.

NAS increases the manageability of your data while decreasing the cost of hosting it. A NAS device is a reliable and versatile option for storing, sharing, and – most importantly – protecting your files.

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